Job Posting – Communications Director

Communications Director (1)

Is the sky blue? Or, is today’s sky a blue-grey brindle with the softest accents of white?

Is our mission to tell kids about Jesus?  Or, is our mission to see lives transformed by God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  

Is camp fun?  Or, is camp an amazing experience that engages your senses and allows you to enjoy new friendships in an exhilarating environment where the ultimate goal is to meet Jesus?

You tell me… you’re the creative genius!

SABC is looking for a person who has the ability to share the camp with the world!  It is critical that we communicate our mission well, that we establish and promote our brand, and through this are able to invite people to become part of the SABC family: by attending camps, planning a retreat, coming here to work, or becoming a donor.  

No pressure…

Please contact Jon Gartly at or by phone (403)792-3644 for a job description and more information.  Southern Alberta Bible Camp is a well established Christian year-round camp located on the Travers Reservoir one hour north of Lethbridge.  Our vision is to see lives transformed by God through the Gospel!

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