Things to Pray For (and be Thankful) for


Things to Pray For (and be Thankful) for | July 23

Old Lodge Coffee House – good conversations, good community

I wish so much each of you could spend time here seeing all that God is doing. Here is a little peek…

Prayer Requests

  1. Jordan and Amber! – We are so thrilled to announce that baby Elliot Evelyn joined Jordan and Amber Laturnus’ family this week. It’s so neat to see our camp family grow ing. In  the midst of all the excitement our program continues on (even without our Program Director Jordan) and we have a very strong team that has stepped up while Jordan and Amber settle in. This team is so important. My good friend Sid Koop once said, “Kids see Christ’s love as we plan our program with excellence.” I’m confident our campers experience deep, deep love through this team! Pray for the Laturnuses.
  2. Weather – We’ve had some interesting weather out here and I thank you for your prayers. There was a tornado warning in our area last week. We called an Orange Alert and brought all our campers into a safe place. Really the kids never knew about all the excitement… our staff were incredible — we ran games and about 40 minutes later the storm had passed. We thank God for so many prayers and His protection. The tornado did touch down just miles from us. Pray for continued safety and for creativity when the weather isn’t favourable!
  3. Jr High at the Fort and Adventure Camp at Travers – We are at the halfway point and our staff covet your prayers. One of our lines each week is — It’s the fourth week but the camper’s FIRST week. It takes a ton of energy to make each week just like the first. Pray our staff would have energy, wisdom and a sensitive spirit. Pray that campers would be drawn to Christ.
  4. Teleois – Our Teleois (leadership training group) is made up of 18 Senior High students. These students are here ready to learn about leading and growing. I love seeing their growth, seeing them learn more about each other and most importantly seeing them deepen their love for Christ. These kids are cabin leading this week and then they head home (after 4 weeks in total). Pray they would transition well as they head home. It is often a hard thing to go home where no one understands all you’ve experienced over the last month. Pray their roots would go deep and they would continue to grow.
  5. Old Lodge Coffee House – good conversations, good community – Discipleship is best done through relationship. Our new Old Lodge Coffee House is a great place for this to happen. Tonia and Kimbal came up with the dream and made it a reality (with Tonia’s dad). Most of the pieces in the Coffee House come from our Heritage lodge that was torn down. Staff have opportunity to gather at the coffee house to share devos, have meaningful conversation and meet with Kimbal for prayer. I love looking out my window and seeing staff reading their Bibles in this area. Pray that God will continue to mold and shape our staff as they serve here.

Thank you for your prayers and support!



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