Select Your Tribal Melee Team

What is a Tribe?

Traditionally campers at The Fort are divided into three tribes that gather points through games and competitions called Tribal Melee so we are bringing this home to you!
We have three tribes at Camp4U to cheer for and be a part of!
All Summer long, we will be competing in challenges, games and activities for points and bragging rights and the big win at the end of summer!

Why Join a Tribe?

Camp4U Crew we need you! We are stronger together!
Choose a tribe to cheer for, send us messages and video’s of our tribe cheers to help give your tribe more points!
Throughout the summer, we will have many opportunities to win points and help your tribe - at the end of summer we will tally the points and a winning tribe will receive the Fort Cup - second place getting the TeePee Cup and third place taking the Golf Cup!
Be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to compete in the Camp4U Tribal Melee!

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Caffeinated Campy Cowbells (Tonia): 17

To know Tonia is to know her energy, love of coffee and love of play and her desire for every camper to know loved they are - join her tribe and help this coffee loving camp mom ring the cowbell loud with a win at the end of the summer.

Big Beautiful Bountiful Bearded Ladies (Jordan): 19

To know Jordan is to know his passion for play and for winning, his desire for every camper to have the best experience and his sincere “Hello everybody” making sure everyone knows they belong - join his tribe and be a part of making bearded history bringing the ‘B’ team the win!

Up The Crik Without A Paddle (Charlie): 11

To know Charlie is to know her boundless energy, fierce competitiveness, amazing ability to welcome every camper and deep love of having fun - join her tribe and help her paddle this tribe to the win