our staff

We welcome your phone calls and emails.  Please don’t hesitate to send your comments, questions or concerns our way.  If you’re not sure who to contact just send your message to info@sabc.ca and we’ll get it to the right person.  All of our staff can be reached at (403) 792-3644.

Jon Gartly Headshot

Jon Gartly

Executive Director
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Tonia Martens Headshot

Tonia Martens

Program Manager
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Lori Rawleigh Headshot

Lori Rawleigh

Guest Services Manager
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Jon Kehler Headshot

Jon Kehler

Properties Manager
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Dave Blenkin Headshot

Dave Blenkin

Executive Chef
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Jason Eichorst Headshot

Jason eichorst

Sous Chef
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Barry Weber Headshot

Barry Weber

Maintenance Supervisor
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Abbey Kehler Headshot

Abbey Kehler

Events Coordinator and Bookkeeper
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Joel Van Beek Headshot

Joel Van Beek

Communications Director
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Jodi Mowers Headshot

Jodi Mowers

Office Admin & Registrar
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Josh Bos Headshot

Josh Bos

Camp Apprentice
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Jordan Laturnus Headshot

Jordan Laturnus

Program Director
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Charlie Preston Headshot

Charlie Preston

Flex Director
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