Family Camp Activities

Full Week Activities

As part of your registration for a full week of Family Camp, there are 2 1-hour activity blocks (am & pm) each weekday and the afternoon is yours to design! You can leave it wide open, choose one of our many Free options or take advantage of our Token activities to build the perfect experience for your family.

Weekend Activities

During the weekends at Family Camp it is truly a choose your own adventure with all the included Free activities available as well as the opportunity to take it to the next level with our array of Token activities.

Token Activities

Tokens are available for $10 at the Tuck Shop throughout the week, but buy early to be able to take advantage of the bonus activities your family wants.

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Summer Activities

Click the activity to read details or read how many tokens for the activity

Included Activities

(sign-up during registration, available during weekdays only)

Token Activities

(Available during free time on weekdays and weekends, sign up upon arrival)