Family Camp Activities

Family Camp Activities

As part of your registration for Family Camp, there are 2 1-hour activity blocks (am & pm) each weekday and the afternoon is yours to design! You can leave it wide open or choose from our list of available activities to build the perfect experience for your family. Note some afternoon activities will have an additional cost.

Register early to pick your morning and evening activities as once they are filled that's it! Check out your choice below to learn more about each activity available!



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Family Camp Morning and Evening Activities

Activities available during afternoon free time

Giant Swing Archery Tag
Family Building Laser Tag
Bubble Balls Tomahawks
Climbing Wall Shooting Gallery
Nerf Escape Room
Boat Rental ($50/hr) Coffee Trailer Token ($10)

Family Photo Shoot ($10)



Prior to your arrival at camp you will receive a form to let us know what activities you would be interested in doing during your afternoons. Please return as soon as possible as we will then create a schedule for you to confirm when you arrive at camp. Adjustments can be made throughout the week, depending on weather and staff availability. Any additional fees required for activities can be paid the day of or at the end of your week.