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The F.L.E.X. Program

The FLEX program provides an opportunity for young adults to form their identity in Christ through experiencing discipleship while pursuing the mission of SABC. Through reading and studying the bible, serving, playing, and living together at SABC, students will develop a deeper understanding of God and themselves.

What is Flex?

Faith Life Education eXperience 

Living at camp you’ll see our commitment to community and the Gospel; We work hard, play hard, and love hard! We’ll start our mornings together with devotionals followed by breakfast and dishes. The remainder of the morning or the afternoon will be spent serving in a designated department (maintenance, kitchen, housekeeping, program, etc) under the direction and mentorship of a full time staff member. The alternate chunk of the day (morning or afternoon) will be spent together with the FLEXers studying God’s word and learning about living out our faith. Evenings will hold free time with weekly opportunities for communal recreation/activities, worship and sharing, or time spent with Family Groups. Some days will be set apart from this structure as we serve outside of camp or head out on trips together! Weekends will be free, although part of the service to camp will be participating in hosting rental groups monthly. Participants are expected to attend church on Sundays. 

Community of support, encouragement, accountability, and learning
Fun and challenging out trips
Developing deep friendships with people who love Jesus
Learning about + participating in the ministry of SABC
The peace and serenity of life at camp on the lake
280+ hours of Bible Study

Why Join Flex?

This program is developed to make disciples of Jesus and to build Christian leadership in young adults. The main tenets of our program are Spiritual Formation and Development, Leadership Development, Life Skills Development, and Ministry/Service Development. 

The vision of Southern Alberta Bible Camp is to see lives transformed by God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus transforms our whole life. As such, being a disciple of Christ means allowing him to change and lead every aspect of our lives. As we learn about God and ourselves and develop spiritually, we will also be serving Christ and the Church, learning valuable life skills and developing a heart for service and leadership. In these ways, we are seeking to be discipled by Christ in all areas of life.


Dates / Duration 

2023-24 Semester Dates:  

Arrival: September 2023

Departure: April 2024

Christmas Break: December 2023 - January 2024 (2 weeks)

Cost: $6000
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Students of the FLEX program will live on site at SABC as they serve and learn together. Lodging will be provided at the Fort. The main Fort building will be a space dedicated to FLEX, for both learning as well as recreation/relaxing space. The kitchen there will be used for cooking when there are no groups onsite. Meals otherwise will be provided in the Dining Hall when there are rentals.

Students will have access to camp facilities such as the gym, games room, and OC, etc (alongside and with respect to rental groups).