SABC always has many projects that we could use help with either from individuals or small groups.  Please call our office or email Erin at info@sabc.ca to inquire on any of the following ways to donate your time. Summer Volunteers Click Here to apply.


Opportunity Description Timeline
Set Builder Build backdrops for summer camp January-June 2013
Craft preparation Help prepare camper devotion crafts for summer camp May-June 2013
Shed building Build Archery and Pelletry sheds April-June 2013
Fort Cooks Cook for 50-75 campers per week (1 week commitment) July-August 2013
Assistant Fort Cook Assist with meal preparation at The Fort (1 week commitment) July-August 2013
Building Maintenance Help with basic building maintenance on going
Weekend Hosting Help with meal preparation, dishes and hospitality on going
Summer Volunteers Cooks, Maintenance, Nurses, Boat Drivers, etc. June 30-August 24, 2013