Summer and Spring Staff

2022 Staff Applications are now Open!

Saddle up for an incredible life-changing summer!
As we plan and pray towards having on-site kids camp in a brand new way, we are excited to invite a staff team to make it all happen! 
We are circling the wagons with Cabin Circle Camps keeping that BIG small-camp heart alive!

The Vision of SABC is to see lives transformed by God through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SABC is a youth-focused Christian camp whose purpose is to challenge, encourage and inspire campers spiritually and physically to help equip them for life and to develop Christian leadership in young adults.

Working at camp is more than a role or title - it is about a place of belonging, serving others, sharing the Gospel, growing in leadership and faith, while giving campers the best week ever! 
We have been privileged to watch staff soar in roles that were their first choice as well as in roles that were not, and we invite you to prayerfully apply with that in mind.

Positions at SABC

Leadership Team

17 Week Positions

Must be over 18

Available Leadership Team Positions

Cabin Leader Team

2-10 Week Positions

Must be over 16

Available Cabin Leader Team Positions

Senior Support Staff

8-12 Week Positions

Must be over 18

Available Support Team Positions

Youth Support Team

2-8 Week Positions

Must be over 14

Available Support Team Positions

Adult Volunteer

2-8 Week Positions

Must be over 18

Available Adult Volunteer Positions

Staff and Staff Parents FAQS


FAQ Answers

Know we are praying for you and invite you to pray with us for summer 2022 - for campers, for staff and for the opportunity to round us all up again to be at camp together.