Cabin Leader Team

An amazing experience as you spend each week with campers of various ages playing games, running activities, having great conversations, singing crazy camp songs and learning awesome stories in chapel! This summer as we build smaller, intentional communities in our Cabin Circle Camps we know it will be a summer full of growing in your faith, creating authentic community and sharing the Gospel with campers! Opportunities in both Fundraised/paid positions and volunteer!

Position (2-10 Weeks)

Cabin Leader (FP) (V)

This team of staff are the building blocks of the Cabin Circle camps, on the front line of the mission field at SABC. Each week you will have the opportunity to walk every day with excellence, demonstrating the love of Christ and teaching the Gospel to children through play, chapels, relationships and more. Our Cabin Leaders must be graduating or have graduated high school. (2-10 week positions available - in order to qualify for a paid/fundraised position you must attend 2 weeks training and be in a cabin a minimum of 4 weeks).

Jr. Cabin Leader (V)

This crew comes alongside the cabin leader, learning and sharing in the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ and teach the Gospel to children through play, chapels, relationships and more. For students who are in Gr. 10 or 11, preference given to students who have completed Teleios leadership training program. Note: Our Jr. Cabin Leaders may also be scheduled in other support role areas as needed in the summer.