Leadership Team

Join the Spring Leadership Team at SABC! Be prepared to be stretched in your leadership, to build friendships and accountability, to personally and corporately grow in your faith and seek God’s direction for the summer. This team becomes a tight amazing family that together prepares for summer camp, staff leadership and works to fundraise a portion of their pay. (Fundraised/Paid positions)

“As a former Grounds Director, I can tell you that it is an amazing opportunity to get to work along side a fantastic team, be mentored by some incredible men, and to disciple youth in some very unique ways. One of the best summers I’ve had.”
-Corey C.

Position (17 Weeks)

Cabin Circle Directors (Lodgeside, Lakeside, Hillside) (FP)

The Cabin Circle Directors will be responsible for the care and supervision of their campers and staff team, seeking to provide an excellent, gospel-focused, safe, fun and extraordinary camp experience.
Each cabin circle – Lakeside, Hillside, Lodgeside – will live, play and experience camp together as a “small” camp – and will potentially have rotating schedules through chapels, meals and activities with the other two Travers lodge side cabin circles.

Fort Directors (FP)

Our Fort camps are run at a separate site on our property, separate from the Travers lodge side program. The majority of the program at the Fort takes place outdoors, and the campers look forward to the different pace and setting. The Fort Directors are responsible for the care and supervision of their campers and staff team, seeking to provide an excellent, gospel-focused, safe, fun, and extraordinary camp experience.

Fort Kitchen Director (FP)

The Fort Kitchen Director is primarily responsible for managing the Fort kitchen – including preparing meals and snacks for campers and staff, ordering food and supplies and keeping track of inventory for the Fort, as well as collaborating in Fort life, creating and maintaining a godly, positive and productive working environment as they lead their kitchen team volunteers.

 Grounds Directors (FP)

The Grounds Directors are responsible for maintaining the site grounds and participate in grounds construction activities. The Grounds Directors will also lead the groundskeeper team, creating and maintaining a godly, positive and productive working environment.

Kitchen Crew Directors (FP)

The Kitchen Crew Directors aid our Executive Chef in planning and preparing the meals and snacks for our campers and staff.  Kitchen Crew Directors help in creating a healthy and Christ‐centered atmosphere of work, invest into and encourage all kitchen staff and volunteers to know Christ more as they serve and work in the kitchen.

Media Director (FP)

The Media Director is responsible for the production of all summer media that comes out of SABC. This position oversees and mentors the Media team members who help complete weekly highlight videos, a/v tech for chapels, and all other media related activities (photos, video, sound, lighting, slides, etc.) – while caring for both the practical and spiritual growth of their team.

 Resident Directors (FP)

The Resident Directors are responsible to walk alongside and develop the personal and spiritual growth in the lives of SABC’s support staff(age 14-17) – partnering with other Directors in building relationships and furthering spiritual growth through teaching, mentorship and coming alongside students in their day to day roles at camp.

 Teleios Directors (FP)

Teleios is SABC’s leadership training program. Teleios Directors will seek to disciple and train high school students(grade10-11) in faith, leadership and service, helping to raise up a new generation of Christian leaders.

Wash Crew Director (FP)

The Wash Crew Director is responsible to lead the Wash crew in maintaining a clean facility while encouraging and equipping their team with excellence and a passion for pursuing Christ through serving.

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