Senior Support Team

This extraordinary team of young adults lead and assist all over summer camp, whether in the middle of a Cabin Circle Camp or behind the scenes and sometimes outside their regular job descriptions. A great way to experience a summer of faith building and leadership growth in a rich, fun community. Volunteer (V) and Fundraised/Paid (FP) positions available.

Position (4-12 Weeks)

  Cabin Circle Program Coordinator (FP)

This Cabin Circle Program Team will bring the fun to our Cabin Circle Camps with excellence, organization and intentionality. They will work with the Circle Directors in caring for and moving their campers around the entire site for activities, chapels, games and meals. They will work with the Program Director in executing the summer schedule including programming, communicating on the preparation and needs of equipment and training for their circle. They will give leadership to a team of program support staff in personal growth and in executing activities. This is a 12 week position.

Camp Health Coordinator (FP)

This person works under our full-time staff health liaison, and coordinates with all the staff teams to ensure the health and safety of all campers and staff. 

Note: this role was previously called ‘camp nurse’ – the responsibilities of this position are a mix of outdoor first aid (injury assessment and care) and classic medical responsibilities (basic first aid and medication distribution). We are inviting nursing/medical students to apply and will provide additional first aid training for our camp environment.  This is a 10 week position.

Dish Crew Coordinator (FP)

The Dish Crew Coordinator is responsible for leading the Dish Crew in cleaning dishes, maintaining the cleanliness of the dish area and dining hall and pouring into the lives of the junior support team from week to week, creating and maintaining a godly, positive and productive working environment.  This is an 8-10 week position.

  Fort Program Coordinator (FP)

The Fort Program Coordinator will work with the Fort Directors in running the program at the Fortside of SABC – Leading games, assisting in activities, running meals and camper fun! This is a great opportunity to stretch your leadership skills, creativity and teamwork abilities all the while providing an engaging, fun and safe camp experience at the Fort. This is a 12 week position.

Media Team (V)(FP)

Be a part of capturing the fun and amazing moments of summer camp and sharing them with campers. This team will work with the Media Director on AV for chapels and all other media-related activities (sound, lighting, propresenter, video, etc.), assist with photography, weekly highlight videos, and other media related work.  Media team positions are 8-10 weeks.

Sr. Lifeguard(Program Crew) (V)(FP)

Dive In! Working alongside the Waterfront Coordinator and Program Director, lifeguards will help create and keep a safe waterfront environment. NLS and First Aid required. Paid/Fundraised positions available. This is a 4-8 week position.

Tuck Shop Coordinator (V) (FP)

The Tuck Shop Coordinator will ensure that the Tuck Shop at both the Fort and Lodge are fully stocked and prepared for campers – snacks, candy and merchandise galore!

Waterfront Coordinator (FP)

The Waterfront Coordinator will work in partnership with the Program Director and volunteer boat drivers in carrying out summer program with a special focus on waterfront programming. The Waterfront Coordinator is responsible for the leadership and discipleship of the Sr. and Jr. Lifeguard members of the Program Crew as well as the care and upkeep of the waterfront. Current First Aid and National Lifeguard Certification are Required. This is a 12 week position.

 Worship Coordinator (FP)

The Worship Coordinator will work with the Program Manager, Cabin Circle and Fort Directors, and Media Director in creating worshipful chapels and campfires. They will equip and manage worship teams, plan for chapel media and a/v needs, and encourage the spiritual growth of the staff and campers.  This is a 12 week position.

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