TELEIOS Leadership Development Program

About Teleios

This three week discipleship and leadership development program is designed for students who want to know God more, develop a Christ-like character, grow in their leadership skills, and learn practical ways to extend grace and love in their communities. Those who have finished grade 10 & 11 are invited to apply and join us for an amazing, rebuilding summer.

This program will run three times throughout the summer. Each session including two week of training, team building and mentorship, and one week of immersive ministry under the leadership of the Teleios Directors.

2021 Dates:

June 27 - July 16

July 18 - Aug 6

Aug 9 - Aug 27

Food and lodging will be provided during the weeks, sharing in the community and care of your space and campmates. As we navigate the changing covid realities and guidelines, we will continue to create, adapt and implement the most recent health care plans and work together with our Camp Health Care Providers to keep our staff and campers safe. So, Teleios students may or may not go home for the weekends. It is critical that you are able to be a camp for the entirety of your Teleios weeks.

The Three Core Values of Teleios

  1. Firmly Planted - Foundational Biblical Truths.
  2. Deeply Rooted - Jesus changes your heart and character when we are deeply rooted in him.
  3. Bearing Fruit - Living out what you have learned and looking more like Christ.

Different Aspects of Teleios


  • An opportunity to share in a tight-knit community of Jesus followers
  • Personal mentorship and opportunities to serve together.



  • Times of challenge through various “team building” activities (GDA’s)
  • Experiences that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone in a challenging yet caring environment
  • Chances to grow in your leadership and relational skills



  • Learn from speakers and participate in engaging discussions
  • Embrace the opportunity to consider the character of God, who Jesus is to you, how you are to relate with the world
  • Dig into what it means to be a Jesus follower, a disciple
  • Training in the elements of servanthood and leadership
  • Learn skills in sharing Jesus Christ and what he did for us



  • Join the SABC workforce in serving in various camp-wide projects
  • Opportunity to put into practice the training in servanthood and leadership

What You Will Leave With

  • Teleios Sweater
  • New Friends and Mentors
  • A deeper understanding of who you are in Christ
  • A new level of leadership and practical ways to keep growing
  • Resources to help you keep growing in your faith and leadership once you head home

Costs and Sponsorship Opportunities:

Program Cost || $400

Sponsorship Opportunities:

There is the potential of your registration fees being ONLY $50 with the rest being covered by sponsorship options listed below.

Returning Staff

$50 | | If you have worked at SABC for 6 or more weeks , you qualify for an automatic $50 sponsorship from our Leadership Fund.

Church Partnership

$300 || If your church is able and willing to sponsor you, you will qualify for a matching grant from SABC up to $150.  (Church $150 + SABC $150 = $300)
SABC values the church and understands the importance of partnering with churches to develop Christian leadership in young adults. As our local churches identify and invest in their young leaders, SABC will honor that investment with a matching grant.

Please note that this is not an agreement that SABC has with area churches nor is it a for sure thing.  It will depend on you inviting and sharing with your church family that this investment into your leadership development is exactly that, an investment, and not something that will be wasted.

SABC provides a sponsorship package that will help you approach your church family to ask them for their help. This could possibly come from a number of areas within your church - for example, a youth camp match fund, or missions fund - so we ask that as you approach your church to join you in this summer, you are prayerful, thoughtful, prepared and creative in your conversation in regards to this partnership.

**If you qualify and receive both grants, admission is only $50.

Download Sponsorship Package