Youth Support Team

This incredible team of junior high and high school students assists and serves all over summer camp, whether working outside on grounds, inside cleaning, helping with activities, or in the kitchen. This is a great way to experience a summer of faith building and both personal and practical skill growth in a rich, fun community. Volunteer (V)

Position (2-8 Weeks)

Grounds Keeping Crew (V)

Get Outside! Grounds Keepers are an important part to maintaining the SABC grounds and facilities and are a part of our maintenance team. Enjoy working outdoors in a great team environment!

Kitchen Crew (V)

Taste the Fun! Spend a piece of the summer serving with our fun and hard-working Kitchen team preparing meals and snacks for campers and staff at SABC!

 Dish Crew (V)

Wet and Wild! – This crew is found in the dish pit, often with music pumping as they serve campers by washing dishes and setting up for meals!

Media Crew (V)

Picture This! Be a part of capturing the fun and amazing moments of summer camp and sending them home with campers. A great opportunity to learn from other team members in both media and faith.

Program Crew (V)

Bring the Fun! Be a part of the energetic team working with the Program Team making sure that all the activities, games and program are safe, ready and AWESOME for campers!

Sr. Lifeguard(Program Crew) (V) (FP)

Dive In! Working alongside the Waterfront Coordinator and Program Director, lifeguards will help create and keep a safe waterfront environment. NLS and First Aid required. Paid/Fundraised positions available. This is a 4-8 week position.

Jr. Lifeguard(Program Crew) (V)

Make a Splash! Assisting the Waterfront Coordinator and Senior Guards, Jr. Lifeguards will help create and keep a safe waterfront environment. They may also help prepare and run all the games, activities and other programming at camp, at the waterfront and elsewhere when the beach is not open. Bronze Cross/Medallion required.

 Wash Crew (V)

Make it Sparkle! This team of students keep SABC squeaky clean, create great spaces for campers to play and hear the Gospel and have a ton of fun doing it!

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