A Summer Camp Near You!

We can’t wait to adventure with our campers and staff again at summer camp! Camp is all about campers, hearing the Gospel, making new friends, trying new things and having a blast - when choosing your camp please note specific length of stay and other camp details that may have been adjusted! 

SABC is a place for everyone to belong and we look forward to filling our Cabin Circle Camps! 

Each of our Cabin Circles will host their own camp of campers and staff, building community, sharing memories and growing in their faith! It's guaranteed to be a great adventure you won’t want to miss!

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More camps to choose from every single week

Each of our cabin circles are going to house its very own camp! That means even more camps to pick from!

Stronger Community

This fun adaptation offers an even higher level of community and relationships, fun and activities,
excellence and flexibility and all the amazing time spent together!

Dedicated Staff

Each Cabin Circle will host an exclusive number of campers with their very own dedicated set of staff to get to know, share in the fun and teach them about Jesus - bringing all the best parts of Summer Camp to life - Chapels, Activities, Waterfront, Cabin time and more!

Two Summer Camp Locations

Campers Leaving The Lodge

Travers side at SABC! - Come experience camp in a fresh and familiar way

Each Cabin Circle Camp will have their own exclusive staff bringing all the best parts of Summer Camp to life - Chapels, Activities, Waterfront, Cabin time and more! 

The sweetest part of experiencing camp surrounding the Travers Lodge is the energy, friends and adventure that comes from having all the fun you could ask for right at your fingertips - getting to have that BIG summer camp experience in the most personal way possible! We have three great cabin circles surrounding the Travers Lodge.

  • The Hillside Cabin Circle
  • The Lodgeside Cabin Circle
  • The Lakeside Cabin Circle

Each Circle of campers and staff will rotate through activities, meals and chapels - with a team of staff behind the scenes making sure that each camper experiences every piece of camp in the best way possible!

• Pre-selected Classic and Exciting Camp Activities
• Indoor Dining
• Waterskiing, wakeboarding, and more!
• Waterfront Access
• Large Indoor Gym

Campers At The Fort Camp

The SABC FORT! - Classic Summer Camp at its finest

The Fort experience brings a sense of being known in a deeper way- the Fort is ready and waiting for you!

Many Fort traditions, such as team competitions, cabin times, engaging chapels and the easy-going schedule are maintained and run with enthusiasm and excellence. The Fort is outdoor-oriented with daily activities focused on building community, memories and skills. Campers will love the camp-wide games, small cabin times, campfires and chapels. Come chill with us at the FORT!

• Activities Selected Daily
• Animals
• Outdoor Dining
• Tubing Behind a Boat
• 1 Day Out-trip
• Waterfront Access
• Staff Have Camp Names