Travers Lodge Cabin Circle Camps Activities

Each of our Cabin Circle Camps will rotate through the activity blocks, creating a fun and safe adventure for everyone.  You will get to do each of your activities once a day so make sure to choose wisely! When you register, each camper can choose their top two activities from the three groups below, they will be assigned one from each group to do during their week at camp.

Plunge, Explore, Adventure

Pick from our 14 different activities, ranking them by your top priority. You will be assigned three to do during your week at camp.

Splash, Voyage, Quest and Pursuit

Activities are predetermined for your camp days and dependent on your age group, they may include crafts, slip 'n slide, parachute games, giant swing, laser tag, bubble balls, and more! Every day you will rotate through a sample of the activities offered at camp giving you a full growing experience of fun! 

The Fort Activities

Campers decide on activities day by day in the best ‘choose your own adventure’ out there! Some activities offered can only be found at the Fort, while you'll still get a chance to do SABC classics like archery.

Some of our Camp Activities