Camp Pricing

Pricing and Subsidies

Camp is for everyone! One underlying principle that SABC strives for is that we want every child to be able to come to camp and do not want finances to be the reason they would miss out.   As we determine the price of a camp we take into consideration a number of factors including the actual costs of running camp, an awareness of alternate options available in Alberta, and recognizing our mission as a non profit charity. 

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Total Cost for One Week of Camp

Cost to Send a Kid to Camp 2022-02

The cost of camp is significant and exceeds more than $600 per week per camper.  This makes sense when you compare it to a day at the ski hill, at the waterpark, or in the mountains on a horse pack trip.  This is 24 hour care of children complete with all the scrumptious food you can eat with a safe, fun, top notch, week long experience run by a talented and skilled staff team.  Still, some cannot afford this and we don’t want the price to stop families from sending their children.  For this reason, we are again doing a different approach to pricing.  You choose!

*Below is an example of the options you will see when registering
*Prices will be adjusted depending on the length of the camp

Option 1

$ 600
  • The full cost of camp

Option 2

$ 525
  • Represents 87% of the full cost of camp

Option 3

$ 450
  • 75% of the full cost of camp

How it Works!

Each family self-selects the option that they can afford on the registration form. Please be assured that there is no differentiation, attention, or preference given to the registration acceptance or camper experience based on the price paid. Our hope is that having the option to choose will give each family freedom to be able to send their children to camp in a way that works best for them.

In the event that these subsidized prices are still too much we have a further subsidy application form available. Please select option 4 when filling out your registration online and you will be sent this form once the $40 deposit is received.

Every dollar of subsidized camper fees is offset by donations.  As a non profit, SABC has the privilege of being able to receive donations which fuels our mission and makes so much of what we do possible. We are so grateful to all our friends and donors who support SABC in this way.   We are thrilled to be able to help campers be at camp - this is why our donors give!  As stated above, our goal is that every camper is able to come for a price that works for each family.  All of us at Southern Alberta Bible Camp are committed to that and will continue to trust the Lord for His provision regarding this.