Thank you Lord!  We are blown away by what transpired on our first ever old-school LIVE Telethon last Saturday. In all, over $190,000 was raised through donations and winning bids on a Silent Auction (and more donations keep coming in!). WOW!  There were just under 350 different family units who gave individual gifts ranging from $5 to $10,000. Stories Live Here! One 11 year old even dropped by the church in Lethbridge where we were streaming from and handed us money out of his piggy bank!  When asked why, he articulated through his mom that, “SABC is a place where I feel accepted and loved, and we’ve got to make sure camp can keep running.” Another wrote a note along with his $100 donation saying, “Camp changed my life. I met Jesus there, I met the best people there, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without camp.” This is why we are here! 

Thank you to our alumni and friends of SABC, to our silent auction donors, to the bidders, to the people who graciously allowed us to phone them and ask them for donations, and to all of you who gave and prayed, knowing that God changes lives through SABC!  We invite you to please keep praying with us as we are looking forward to what lies ahead for summer 2021!

Missed out on the day? Want to watch the Masked Singer Finale?

Head to youtube and catch the whole event!

We spent the whole day live online sharing stories, competitions, crazy fun, familiar camp faces, and inviting you to be a part of making camp happen!

Why? So that SABC can continue to rebuild, prepare, and ensure that camp is ready to welcome campers this coming summer!

When | February 27th 9am- 5pm

Our Goal | $120,000 in 8 Hours

Our Reason | CAMp

Masked Singer

Check out who was behind each mask, and meet the winner of our first SABC Masked Singer.

You can still donate and help us make camp happen!

Silent Auction

The Auction is closed, thank you to all our donors, and everyone who participating in the bidding!

Check out the schedule, our social medias (FB and Instagram) and subscribe to our Southern Alberta Bible Camp Youtube channel to catch any parts you missed or want to watch again!

Telethon Details!

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Day of Schedule
9:00  Introduction to SABC Telethon 1:10  Two Truths and a Lie
9:30  Camp Video 1:30  Worship
9:35  Silent Auction Showcase 1:40  Silent Auction Showcase
9:45  Game Time 1:50  Camp Highlight Video
10:00  Fundraising Update 2:00  Fundraising Update
10:05  Craft with Wendy 2:25  Captain Good Guy
10:20  Two Truths and a Lie 2:45  Silent Auction Showcase
10:40  Worship 2:50  Camp Highlight Video and Testimonies
10:50  Silent Auction Showcase 3:00  Fundraising Update
10:55  Fundraising Update  3:10  Game Time
11:05 Cooking with Dave and Steph 3:25  Story Time with Jon and Tonia
11:30  Masked Singer 3:45  Silent Auction Showcase
11:50  Silent Auction Showcase 3:50  Campfire Songs
12:00  Fundraising Update 4:00  Fundraising Update
12:05  Schmuck 4:05  Camp Staff Stories
12:50  Dad Joke Battle 4:15  Prayer for Camp
1:00  Fundraising Update 4:45  Final Update and Closing Remarks






Crafting with Camp
Cooking with Dave