WANTED: Fun and Talented Head Cook


Do you lay awake at night yearning to be a contestant on TV’s Iron Chef?  Have you ever had a secret urge to chop things up with a knife?  Do you have a recurring dream about baking large cinnamon buns and sweet apple pie?  

The Head Cook position at SABC is not for everyone, but it is an extremely rewarding job for the right person.  Not only would you run a state of the art kitchen facility and lead a team of cooks to cater meals for groups and camps year round, there are huge opportunities to train up leaders and be a coach/mentor for the staff that will work in the kitchen throughout the year.  


Of course we’re going to pay you.  We’re also going to give you a house on the lake along with a benefits package.  I’ve got to be honest with you, we need a good cook here.  We have a reputation for cooking good and healthy food here and we do not want to lose that.  Our feeling is that camp food should not be “camp food”.  This is a special skill set and I am confident we will be able to find someone to lead and carry out this important area of our camp ministry.  We are praying hard for this.

Please contact Jon Gartly at jon(at)sabc.ca or by phone (403)792-3644 for a job description and more information.  Southern Alberta Bible Camp is a well established Christian year round camp located on the Travers Reservoir one hour north of Lethbridge.  Simply, our vision is to see lives transformed by God through the Gospel!

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