Fort Facelift nearing completion


Today is move in day!  It marks the end of the third and final phase of a three phase project to bring the Fort facility up to date with some much needed renovations and upgrades.  Phase 1 (2014) included the gut and renovation of the camper bathrooms and showers.  Phase 2 (2015) was the construction of a building fitted with a craft shop, camp store, and sleeping accommodations for Directors and support staff.

IMG_20160506_154446 IMG_20160506_154019 IMG_20160506_153842 IMG_20160506_154332

The present phase spanned over the last 5 months.  It consisted of a gut and upgrade of kitchen and bathroom facilities, a new heating system, an epoxy floor finish, new steel roofing, new doors and windows, plumbing and electrical upgrades, and a new paint job.  We are thrilled with the end product.  The total cost came in significantly under budget thanks to the efforts of our maintenance staff team and many volunteers.

We are so thankful for this facility that presently accommodates over 400 children every summer.  Built in 1994, it was originally meant to be an overflow for kids from the main site.  It has since developed a unique culture and atmosphere of its own -once a Fort camper, always a Fort camper!

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