SABC Update – January 2021

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Summer camp at Southern Alberta Bible Camp

For over 77 years, summer camp has been the primary reason for the existence of SABC.  Our desire to see lives transformed in the name of Jesus has never wavered.   There has been years of trust built up with generations of families.  As we navigate through the reality of COVID-19 and look ahead towards this coming summer, we don’t take that trust for granted.  The closure of camps last summer brought huge disappointment.  We so desperately want our campers to come back to this place where they can feel safe.  Because of this, we have been working hard to prepare for a post COVID summer camp. 

Improved Facilities 

Newly fitted Nurse’s Station – The construction of the new lodge addition included a permanent Nurse’s station to accommodate the needs of our growing camp.  For the summer we employ a nurse and assistant for each week of camp.  We have a long and valued relationship with our local hospital, fire department and first responders.Hand Sanitizing Stations – These stations have been set up on the entire site following OH&S guidelines.  Campers and staff will be advised when and where throughout the day they need to wash or sanitize their hands.

Specialized training for our staff

Our full time and summer staff will take part in additional training including proper hand hygiene, proper techniques for cleaning and sanitizing, instructions regarding new gathering limits and physical distancing, and proper use of PPE.


Cabins will be thoroughly cleaned with virucidal cleaners  in between sessions by qualified staff.  There will be a full day after a camp session is over to allow for proper cleaning to take place.  Special care is also taken to clean and disinfect  high touch surfaces, shared equipment and dining areas.

Campers and staff will be advised when and where throughout the day they need to wash or sanitize their hands.

Operating camp

Camps will be offered at a reduced capacity.  Our buildings and facilities lend themselves well to allowing for up to 4 different camps (cohorts) running simultaneously.  There will be very limited interaction between these camps.

Registration will open on March 1 at 8:30 AM EST.  Only a fully refundable deposit will be required for registration with the balance due June 30.

Physical distancing practices will be in place for visitors and campers on our property.  They will be properly screened and we will make use of logs for contact tracing.

Foot traffic will be directed to incorporate minimal contact between cohorts.

In the areas where physical distancing is a challenge, barriers have been installed and other areas have been partially closed.

We have developed a system together with our health inspector to assess and deal with symptoms shown in campers, staff, and visitors.

Visitors to the camp will be limited.

As we navigate the changing covid realities and guidelines, we will continue to create, adapt and implement the most recent health care plans and work together with our Camp Health Care Providers to keep our staff and campers safe.

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