Vision75 Capital Campaign – making room for more kids!


We’ve launched our capital campaign!  Once completed it will make space for another 448 campers every summer.  SABC is operating at capacity and has experienced record attendance numbers over the past 2 years.  On top of that there are hundreds being turned away because of a lack of space.  The Vision75 campaign will address the many aspects required to add that number of campers.  Check out our video explaining what’s going on and why here.

Phase 1 deals with staff housing.  We are presently at the drywall stage.  Hope to have it completed in February.


This building has 5 different units with one having the ability to split into 2. The basement will house our Teleois (Leader in Training) Program.


img_20161212_131924 img_20161212_132049 img_20161212_132215 img_20161212_131850

Phase 2 deals with camper accommodations and the camp activity areas of a playing field and campfire amphitheater.  New cabins will have to be constructed on the existing playing field so another one is required.  The campfire space is inadequate even now.  A new amphitheater will accommodate the added number of campers.


A conceptual drawing of an amphitheater. The campfire at SABC is a place where many children and young people meet God in a real and meaningful way.

Phase 3 will involve tearing down the old lodge building and constructing another in it’s place.  This building primarily houses summer support staff but is also outfitted with activity rooms, a nursing station, summer staff offices and storage areas.

Please have a look at the Vision75 page on our website.  There is a significant amount of money to raise but already many individuals have committed to the project and we are well on our way to having Phase 1 fully funded.

Please consider your own involvement in this.  Donations can be made online here.  More updates to follow!